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Founded originally in 2010 as the Texas Belted Galloway Association, and reorganized and renamed to better serve the southwest geographical area in May of 2013, the Southwest Belted Galloway Association represents the largest number of Belted Galloway Cattle and owners in the United States. Comprising the surrounding states of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Missouri and Iowa, states west of the Mississippi, the SBGA is a family and fellowship-oriented group of Belted Galloway Cattle owners and breeders that enthusiastically promote and preserve this majestic breed of cattle. Membership on the SBGA is open to all who have an interest in the Belted Galloway Breed of cattle.
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“The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it.”
~Kalpana Chawla

Southwest Belted Galloway Association 2022 Annual Meeting and field day

Saturday June 4, 2022
Stockyard Hotel
Corner of Main and Exchange Streets
Fort Worth, Texas

Silent auction to benefit a cattle clinic for the youth of SBGA.

Sheri Riley is compiling listings of donations.

Randy Allgood

The development of youth programs and opportunities in an agricultural based environment have been my passion for the majority of my adult life. Combine that with cattle and it’s led to a journey filled with hard work, great opportunities and accolades, a network of like minded professionals and a few bumps in the road as well. Being a visionary is quite fulfilling when your dreams become reality. The dream only becomes reality through dedicated action and hard work and this is where you discover who is truly on your team. I’ve had the opportunity to judge cattle and professionally speak all across this great nation and I feel very fortunate, but my greatest accomplishments have come from mentoring youth and developing sustainable programs and opportunities for youth within beef cattle associations. My passion for all things beef cattle started at the untimely death of my Father. My Mother immediately got me involved in 4H with the purchase of two Angus show steers. From then until my last days on earth I will forever be grateful for those opportunities and that it has become a generational part of my family’s heritage. I am honored to serve as the keynote speaker for the Southwestern Belted Galloway Associations annual meeting and look forward to assisting your association with the development, implementation and growth of an exciting junior program.

Best regards,

Randy Allgood

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The Southwest Belted Galloway Association, has as its primary objectives, the advocacy development and promotion of the Belted Galloway beef cattle. Recognizing the existence of the national organization, the Belted Galloway Society, Inc., the primary function of this corporation will be to provide education about and promote interest in the breed from a regional standpoint. The association will maintain high breeding standards of the Belted Galloway breed with emphasis placed on production and performance and other qualities characteristic of the Belted Galloway breed.
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Annual Membership in the SBGA is $35 per farm/ranch.
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