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Founded originally in 2010 as the Texas Belted Galloway Association, and reorganized and renamed to better serve the southwest geographical area in May of 2013, the Southwest Belted Galloway Association represents the largest number of Belted Galloway Cattle and owners in the United States. Comprising the surrounding states of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Missouri and Iowa, states west of the Mississippi, the SBGA is a family and fellowship-oriented group of Belted Galloway Cattle owners and breeders that enthusiastically promote and preserve this majestic breed of cattle. Membership on the SBGA is open to all who have an interest in the Belted Galloway Breed of cattle.
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The Southwest Belted Galloway Association, has as its primary objectives, the advocacy development and promotion of the Belted Galloway beef cattle. Recognizing the existence of the national organization, the Belted Galloway Society, Inc., the primary function of this corporation will be to provide education about and promote interest in the breed from a regional standpoint. The association will maintain high breeding standards of the Belted Galloway breed with emphasis placed on production and performance and other qualities characteristic of the Belted Galloway breed.
Members may list animals or farm/ranch related items for sale.
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Annual Membership in the SBGA is $35 per farm/ranch.
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